How To Give Oxygen To The Covid 19 Patients ?

New Delhi | India is seeing a monstrous flood in COVID-19 cases each day, and with this, there is a deficiency of clinic beds, clinical oxygen, and other clinical offices. Because of this crunch, a few COVID tainted patients are taking the treatment in-home isolate. In spite of the fact that they are counseling specialist, still they don’t have the foggiest idea about the correct method to utilize the oxygen chamber or concentrator.

The second influx of COVID-19 is assaulting the lungs of patients, making them heave for breath. According to wellbeing specialists, when side effects are appeared, 25% of lungs had effectively harmed. Furthermore, inside only a few days of indications oxygen level is accounted for under 80 out of a few patients making them in earnest need of oxygen. So on the off chance that you are somebody who has as of late tried positive and utilizing oxygen hardware, like a chamber or concentrator at home at that point, remember these tips before you use:

  1. When to utilize Medical Oxygen or Concentrator?

This is perhaps the main tips a patient should remember. Only one out of every odd COVID patient requires oxygen, just those whose oxygen level is under 90 should take oxygen in the wake of counseling a specialist. Patients should attempt to keep up their oxygen level between 94-99 percent.

  1. Instructions to utilize breathing apparatus and nasal cannula

Ensure the veil accommodates your face, and there is no spillages or holes. You are encouraged to utilize an appropriate size breathing device for the continuous oxygen supply. Additionally, before you utilize a breathing device or cannulas or concentrator, clean them well.

Assuming you are utilizing an oxygen concentrator, ensure that there’s a lot of open windows and ventilation in your space to permit nitrogen to get away.

  1. Treatments to support oxygen

Breathing in oxygen through a concentrator or chamber isn’t the best way to improve your oxygen level with this you likewise need to do a few activities. To help oxygen level, wellbeing specialists have encouraged COVID patients to rest in the inclined position, that is, lie on their chest and spot pads under their neck, chest and shins. Or then again one can do breathing activities, that is, ‘anulom and vilom’ or stroll in your room. Additionally, alongside practice have legitimate food wealthy in iron and protein to improve the capacity of the lungs.

  1. When you ought to get hospitalized?

Patients having gentle and moderate indications are encouraged to remain in home isolate, however even these patients turn genuine. So here are the signs that show you are in desperate need of clinic care:

  • Unconsciousness and incapable to awaken
  • Face, lips and tongue getting stained or getting dim
  • Discomfort even subsequent to taking clinical oxygen
  • Joint torments

In current situation India facing  very critical moment of covid 19. The indian health services are breaking down for this deadly virus. Everyday people are dying more and more. Most of them are dying without any treatment because of the crisis of Medical oxygen and the capacity of hospital are not enough to give  treatment. The oxygen crisis are become the most important problem in india. In this situation it is most important to distribute medical oxygen properly to every codid 19 patient. So it is also important to know the rules of giving oxygen to the codid affected people properly. In this article we discuss some most important rules that we all should consider  when giving oxygen to the covid 19 patient. We hope that this article can help all the people at this pandemic situation

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